We have now entered hurricane season. Your roof can be susceptible to extreme wind, the downpouring of rain, and even some mold. These factors lead to drenched and damaged roofing.

Weak roofing can be prone to leaks making them vulnerable to high-speed winds! Don’t harbor a false sense of security. A seemingly perfect roof can still have flaws. Here are some ways to waterproof a roof.


Different roofing materials require preventative treatments to seal moisture out of your roof. Take a look at these different types of wood to make sure that your roof will hold up in a storm.

  • Metal Treatments – Metal roofs are strong, sturdy, and resist fire and wind. This seemingly invincible roof can still be a victim of rust. Treat metal with liquid rubber treatments or acrylic elastomeric coatings. Tedlar and Acroflex are some of the few top-quality PVF (Protective Coating Alternative) products recommended by roofing experts. 
  • Treatments for Asphalt Shingles – Treat asphalt roofing with roof coating paint. Paints with a soybean oil base deeply penetrate the porous asphalt roofing. Seek out brands like Roof Maxx. These are known for promoting longevity in the roof. Seal out leaks using tar-based rubber materials. 
  • Wood Treatments – Wood roof shake shingles need a preservative treatment. Look for copper naphthenate with a 3% to 4% metal content and copper octoate with a 1% to 2% metal content. These materials serve as long-lasting preservatives for the wood. Be sure to waterproof the roof by ensuring plenty of pitch and sealant are on your shingles. The roofing company should know to angle the shingles and cut them thick. 
  • Solar Panel Shingles – Waterproofing solar panel shingles is a sensitive task. This task requires an experienced team to put together your roof. Poly seals and Silka seals are used to protect and seal the shingles. Silicone seals don’t work for solar panel shingles. 
  • Slate Shingles – Slate shingles do not require waterproofing. The builders will properly apply flashings to ensure the roof tiles are snuggly fit together, but you don’t need any treatments. This material allows water to roll off during downpours. 

Before using any treatments on your roof shingles, call a roofing company for an inspection. If anything is damaged, you want to make sure to repair it before the next large storm. If you just had a wood, asphalt, or metal roof installed, make sure that it has been waterproofed. Monitor your roof and attic on a regular basis.

If you need help deciding what treatments to use or need more assistance waterproofing your roof, contact StaDry Roofing. We are your local roofing experts in Eastern North Carolina


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