Your roof is one of the most durable parts of your home. But even the strongest, most stable roofs wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced or repaired. In some cases, hail and high winds can damage a roof to the point that it requires full replacement earlier than planned. If you’ve been searching, “What are the signs my roof needs to be replaced?” We’re here to help you identify potential issues with your roof, and what your next steps should be.

Five Signs a Roof Needs to Be Replaced

It’s not always easy to spot roof damage from ground level. However, a roof in bad shape will eventually show signs it’s not in the condition it should be. Continue reading to learn how to tell if your roof needs to be replaced and how long before a roof needs to be replaced.

1. Water issues

Water intrusion is one of the most prominent signs of roof damage. If there are holes or weak spots on your roof (including aged or damaged roof vent boots), water can seep through or build up in your roof structures, leading to a number of problems.

  • Moss and algae growth on roof
  • Mold and mildew on ceilings
  • Water stains on ceilings or walls
  • Water dripping from the ceiling
  • Leaks in the attic
  • Bubbles in ceilings

 2. Clogged gutters

Shingle roofs lose some of their granules over time. These granules can accumulate in roof gutters and prevent water from flowing properly. If you suddenly notice clogged gutters, especially during a downpour, this may be a sign that it’s time for roof maintenance.

3. Loose shingles

Normal wear and tear, strong storms, and heavy winds can cause shingles to loosen and fall off. In this case, the missing shingles can be replaced. But keep in mind that missing shingles can lead to water and air intrusion, so if you notice whole or partial shingles around your home, have your roof inspected soon.

4. Rust

Metal roofs will rust if they’re exposed to water for prolonged periods of time. Look out for rusting and corrosion on metal roofs, as this is a sign of water damage. Heavy rust damage is a leading cause of complete roof replacement for metal roofs — which can be quite costly.

5. Poor temperature control

Homeowners often overlook this change as a sign of roof damage. But a home that’s hard to keep cool in the summer or warm in the winter could signify issues with the roof. For example, if your roof has holes or punctures, warm or cool air could escape, making it difficult to control the temperature in your home.


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Loose shingles

Dangers of Ignoring Signs of Roof Damage

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you don’t want to ignore them. Schedule a roof inspection as soon as you can. A trained, professional roofer can assess the damage and determine the extent of it. Roof damage left untreated can lead to several hazards and costly problems in the future.

  • Severe water damage
  • Roof rot
  • Expensive repairs
  • High energy bills
  • Total roof replacement

How Often Should a Roof Be Replaced?

If your roof is in good condition, you may still wonder, “how long does a roof last?” A roof’s longevity depends on its type. Shingle roofs are constructed to last 20-25 years. Metal roofs last much longer, often 40-70 years. However, it’s normal for both shingle and metal roofs to need a few repairs throughout their lifetime.

How Much Should a Roof Replacement Cost?

The cost of a roof replacement in North Carolina can vary based on a number of factors, including the roof material you choose. It’s best to get an estimate from a roofer who’s inspected your roof.

To save money, some homeowners choose to reroof, or lay new roof materials over the old roof. There are benefits and drawbacks to reroofing, which you can learn more about here. It’s always best to ask your roofer whether they will recommend or install a reroof.

Insurance may also be an option. In some cases, your homeowners insurance may cover some (or most) of the roof replacement cost, especially when directly related to storm damage. To determine this, you should contact your carrier to send an adjuster to your home. The adjuster will conduct their own review of your roof. If a replacement is recommended and approved, your roofer can coordinate with your insurance company.

We know it can be stressful to notice signs of roof damage. At StaDry Roofing and Restoration, we strive to make homeownership easy by providing accurate inspections and affordable roof services.


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