Excellent Roof Replacement Services For Homeowners and Businesses In North Carolina

Depending on the kind, a roof should last 20 to 50 years or longer if installed correctly and with high-quality materials. It is time to replace your roof if it’s old and constantly leaking.

Get a FREE roof estimate from Stadry Roofing & Restoration if you’re not sure whether your roof has to be replaced or if it can be repaired.

We remove your old roof, do any necessary wood decking repairs, replace the pipe boots and vents, and then install a durable new roof.

We can quickly and affordably replace metal, slate, tile, and shingle roofs. Contact us now to schedule the replacement of your roof. Your insurance might cover the replacement in many cases.

You have discovered the best roofing replacement contractor in North Carolina to install your new roof, regardless of whether you have storm damage that cannot be repaired or a roof that has reached the end of its useful life.

Our experienced roofers’ contractor in Raleigh, NC, uses innovative roof replacement techniques to offer top performance. Or, to put it another way, the most excellent roofers in the business replace your roof.

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What Are The Best Types Of Roofing Materials Used For Replacement?

These are the top five roofing materials that we are asked to remove and replace when a roof has to be replaced:

  • A shingle (Metal, cedar, and asphalt for business and home).
  • PVC or TPO roofing membranes are suitable for flat or low-sloped roofs.
  • Commercial roof coatings protect your existing roof without replacing it entirely.
  • Residential and commercial building structures with metal roofs.

A new roof is an expensive project. Naturally, you want to ensure that the North Carolina roofing contractors you’ve engaged are trustworthy and qualified. We are knowledgeable in all the methods for installing a sturdy roof while keeping the roof replacement cost within your price range. Among the roofing materials used by StaDry Roofing & Restoration are:

Flat Roofs

We offer several excellent roofing material options if your large, commercial roof has a low or flat pitch. However, PVC roofing and other single-ply membrane solutions like polyethylene sheets are less common. We are adept at installing EPDM synthetic rubber roofing, a well-liked option. StaDry Roofing & Restoration can offer you a flat roof or low-slope roof option.

Rolled Asphalt Roofing

You’ve probably heard of asphalt rolled roofs for your structure if your home or business has a flat roof. The term “rolled roofing” refers to various available roofing types, not just one. One of the simplest and least expensive roofing materials available is rolled roofing.

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Metal Roofing: Agricultural Panels And Standing Seam

A metal roof has several positive qualities. It is highly weather-resistant, durable, and lightweight. The metal can effectively absorb the impact of a direct lightning strike. Fire hazards are less of a problem because it is also non-combustible. You can reduce the cost of air conditioning by using a metal roof’s inherent reflectivity. Custom standing seam metal roofing installation is a Stadry Roofing & Restoration specialty!

Asphalt Shingle

The most common kind of roof in America is still a shingle roof. Shingles are reasonably priced, relatively simple to install, and available in a wide range of hues. And you can anticipate your new shingle roof to endure up to twice as long if you choose some stronger architectural shingles (also known as laminate shingles, dimensional shingles, or composite shingles).

TPO (Thermoplastic)

Due to its inexpensive cost, this roofing material (TPO) is becoming more and more well-liked. TPO is a single-ply, polyester scrim-reinforced roofing system with hot-air welded seams designed for completely adhered, ballasted, and mechanical attachment. Rubber composed of ethylene-propylene and polypropylene is used to make it. TPO manufacturing and quality are very different.

Torch Down

Torch down roofing is a type of roofing material for flat or low-angle roofs. Torch down roofing installation is risky and more expensive than traditional roofing materials, despite the fact that it can survive for more than 20 years. However, there are several benefits to a torch-down roof that should be considered for particular situations.

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Why Choose Roof Replacement Services?

Storm damage and weather effects over time are the two leading causes of roof replacement. Making a property more appealing is a fantastic additional justification for a new roof. A brand-new roof in a modern design gives a house a lovely look.

Our skilled specialists install your new roof correctly the first time using high-quality materials. We can provide some of the best warranties in the roofing replacement business because of our skilled roof installation work and our established connections with materials suppliers. Call us immediately for a free estimate at 866-361-8886 for the most reliable option in roof replacement.