Roof replacement work done right

If your roof is old and is leaking non-stop, it’s time for roof replacement. We tear off your old roof, make any essential repairs to the wood decking, replace pipe boots and vents, then install a long lasting new roof.

We can replace metal, slate, tile and shingle roofs affordable and fast. In many instances, your insurance may pay for the replacement. Your roof replacement is just a phone call away.

Regardless if you have storm damage that can not be repaired, a roof that has come to the end of its journey, you have found the best roofing replacement contractor in NC to install your new roof.

Our roof installers use expert roof replacement skills that contribute to delivering peak performance. To put it another way, your roof replacement is done by the best roofers in the industry.

When it comes to replacing roofs, these are the top five most asked for roofing materials we get called on to remove and install:

  • Shingles (Metal, cedar, and asphalt for business and home).
  • Metal roofing for residential and commercial property structures.
  • PVC or TPO roofing membranes for low-sloped or flat roofs.
  • Commercial roof coatings cover your current roof without requiring a total replacement.

A roof replacement is a costly project. Naturally, you want to be sure you have hired a professional and honest North Carolina roofer. We know all the techniques to fitting a solid roof, while at the same time keeping the cost within your budget.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt shingles are the most popular sort of roofing choice that is both visually pleasing and economical for many property owners. Sta-Dry Roofing offers different styles of asphalt shingles, including architectural.

Architectural Composition Shingles

Top-quality asphalt roofing materials are now available with distinctive appearances. With these improvements came a new name: architectural roofing shingles. They are also called dimensional or laminated shingles.

Asphalt Rolled Roofing

If you have a flat roof on your building or house, you've probably heard of an asphalt rolled roof for your structure. Rolled roofing refers to not one, but many different roofing types open to you. Rolled roofing is one of the cheapest and easiest roofing materials you can buy.

Metal: Standing Seam and Agricultural Panels

Some metal roofs have panels that go straight up to the roof and are called standing seam. The raised interlocking seam links one panel to the next. We can craft high-quality metal roofing with agricultural panels to meet the structural and aesthetical requests for your animal shelter, carport, shed, or barn.

TPO (Thermoplastic)

This roofing material (TPO) is increasing in popularity because of its low price. It’s made of a mixture of ethylene-propylene and polypropylene rubber. Manufacturing TPO dramatically differs, as does quality. TPO is a single-ply, polyester scrim-reinforced roofing system made for fully adhered, ballasted and mechanical attachment with hot-air welded seams.


EPDM roof is amongst the most progressive coverings for low-sloped roofs. It can prevent leaks and saves you money. It is becoming a most requested commercial roofing solution among facility owners and builders. EDPM is a polymer composed of ethylene propylene and diene monomer, it is the premier weather resistant synthetic elastomer.

Torch Down

Torch down roofing is a roofing material type that has been created for flat or low-angle roofs. While it can last over 20 years, installing torch down roofing can be hazardous and costs more than conventional roofing materials. Even so, there are numerous advantages to consider for a torch down roof for specific applications.

Client Testimonials

What our customers say about us

Client Testimonials

What our customers say about us

It Was a Great Experience!

“StaDry did an amazing job putting up gutters on our house today and replacing our roof last week!! They both look wonderful and the crews were very professional! If you’re looking for gutters or a new roof this company is for you!! I would recommend to my family and my friends and they would still be talking to me at Thanksgiving!! Great Job!”

M Scott