When your roof starts leaking, water seeps in. A small leak can lead to mold or rot in your home’s attic or walls. The last thing you want is a structured roof to become permanently damaged. If you find yourself in a roof repair emergency, there are steps to restore your roof. Here is what to do.*

Stop The Leak

In most roof repair emergencies, the leak needs to be stopped as best and as soon as possible. Only attempt the following yourself if you feel comfortable and own the home.

  • Cover any damage with a tarp and hold it down with stones.
  • Use a leak diverter. Hang it from your ceiling under the leak, and it will drain down into a container.
  • You can use silicone or caulk to cover the hole awaiting repair.
  • Replace shingles.
  • Replace roofing pipe flashing boot. You may want to hold off on using this if you can get a repair company to come within the day.
  • If you need to get a leak diverter, start with a bucket until you can buy one.

Contact Your Nearest Roofing Repair Company

Look for an accredited, time-tested roofing company. If you live in a larger town, this is especially important. What works for others may not work for your home. It is easy to get bombarded with commercial roofing companies that fit specific housing types. What works for a mass-produced home may not work for your home. If a small business owner lives in your area, check what kinds of homes they service and ask for customer reviews. Someone who lives in your area will be familiar with the local market and your home’s materials. Try to find customer reviews or ask for references. Schedule a consultation and make sure that you ask the right questions? Provide the following information to the roofing contractor:

  • For a roof repair emergency, tell the contractor of the concern and severity of the damage. They may prioritize your roof repair based on severity.
  • Provide the date when you located the damage.
  • Inform the contractor of any leaks, rotting, or consecutive damage.
  • If there was a storm or tree fall, make sure the contractor is aware of this.
  • If you can remember the building company or date of build, provide this information as well.

After you contact someone, stop further damage until a company can permanently fix your roof. Remember, the repair tips listed can be dangerous, so do not attempt any without a spotter. Companies like StaDry offer locals experienced roofing repairs. StaDry staff is experienced with homes in Raleigh and locations east. Look for a small business in your area that is accredited and trusted.

*All of the tips listed for attempting to fix your roof pose a risk, including death or severe injury. There is no guarantee of safety when using a ladder which is why you must pay attention to all warnings and notify professionals of any roofing damage. StaDry states that climbing a ladder is a high-risk activity that could result in death or severe injuries. Please proceed with these activities with caution. StaDry accepts no responsibility for death or injury. Proceed with the advice above at your risk.