With springtime comes large thunderstorms for most of the Eastern United States. In the Carolinas, thunderstorms resulting in trees falling are responsible for most of the damaged roofs. A small snag in the roof tiles leads to water dripping through your attic and ceiling. Imagine a large hole in your roof; unattended holes result in flooding. Take these steps to repair your roof after storm damage.

Storm Damage Prevention

Don’t allow storm damage to your roof to become more damage to your home. You need to attend to roof damage immediately. Roof repairs can cost $150 and up. By contrast, foundation, drywall, and wooden floor repairs can start in the thousands and rise to the ten-thousands range. If you cannot pay for roof repair upfront, look for companies that take payment plans using platforms. 

The small hole in your roof will leak. A leak can cause mold, wood rot, or ceiling damage. These costs can start in the hundreds and reach up to the thousands. After a severe storm, take note of any fallen debris or trees, leaks in the roof, leaks in the home, or foul smells coming from upstairs. You can even check your attic or roof for damage. If leaks occur, do the following:

  • Place a bucket under the leak. 
  • Call a roofing company immediately to fix your roof.
  • Temporarily seal any holes or cracks with silicone or caulk. 
  • Place a tarp with stones over it to keep the water out. 

Finding The Right Roofing Company

As soon as you place that bucket under the window, you need to call a reliable residential roofing company in your area. If a tree has fallen, ask the roofing company if they remove trees. You may need to call a tree removal company. Ensure the roofing company has the following characteristics.

  • They are relatively close to your location. If you have an emergency or something goes wrong, the repair team can arrive quickly. 
  • The company is familiar with your type of roof tiles. Roofing tiles such as stucco and brick are specialty items. Not every company has experience working with these materials.
  • Check to ensure your company has the payment plan that suits you. Certain companies will save you from a surprise bill and give you amounts per square foot or other general ideas. If they cannot say the exact price, they can offer payment plans. Most companies won’t charge for residential work until you decide to begin repairs. 
  • Tell the company of any safety concerns. The severity of your roof’s damage may result in your case taking priority.

Finding a reliable roofing company in time will save you the headache of increasing damage to your home. Check the ratings of roofing companies, and see if they are a part of the BBB. StaDry Roofing and Restoration offers services in Wilson, North Carolina to help ease your worries. We offer free consultations and payment plans. Don’t sleep on roof damage. Damage to your roof can cost you time, money, and is not safe.

Stadry is not certified to administer safety advice or emergency services. Unless you are trained and have the necessary certification to perform certain manual labor tasks, you approach roof repairs and other home projects at your own risk. StaDry does not recommend that you approach any DIY or repairs on your own. We cannot guarantee this advice is safe or will save you money. We claim no responsibility for any of the information provided.  

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