During the summer and rainy seasons, you will need a reliable gutter to channel water towards your downspout. The last thing you want is standing water rotting your roof over the summer. Gutter repair costs depend on the materials. Architecturaldigest.com sums up the price per linear foot by material. Here is their estimation for 2022:

  • Aluminum $5-$8
  • Copper $30
  • Steel $12-$17
  • Vinyl $5-$7
  • Wood $35+ 
  • Zinc $30

It is possible to repair your gutters yourself any time of year and before you get ready to hang your holiday lights. Some repairs will require a professional, but here are four common repairs that anyone can attempt.

DIY gutter repairs may be an option depending on the type of damage and the damaged part. The channel Everything Gutter offers a video on gutter repairs. While some gutter repairs require professional reparations, there are some that you can do yourself.

Hole Patch

You can buy roofing cement and a metal patch. Together these will seal holes in your roof. Make sure the patch is the same material as the metal. (Wood can use metal or wood patches.) To patch a hole, trim a metal patch that matches the size of the hole. After cleaning, scrubbing the area, and cutting away any rust near the gutter hole, apply the roofing cement. Lastly, press firmly over the hole.

Loose Gutters

A quick fix for loose gutters is to call in reinforcements. Family Handyman recommends using fascia hangar brackets. Fascia hanger brackets offer a quick fix for gutter tracks swaying away from your roof. You can install any bracket type that attaches to metal. Attach the bracket clip to the front lip of the gutters. Screw the other side onto the fascia and then join the fascia and the bracket. Aside from fascia hangar brackets, homeowners can easily install T-Bar hangars, hidden hangars, or spikes and ferrules. Using spikes and ferrules requires careful installation and can become damaged in freezing weather. Wrap-around hangars, sub-roof hangars, and exposed brackets with straps require professional installation. 

Gutter and Downspout Alignment

Repairing gutter misalignment is easy. Remove fasteners or brackets for every ten feet of your gutter track. Every ten feet of the gutter must be angled half an inch lower. Use a ladder or someone to hold up the end while another person re-attaches the brackets. Test your realignment by pouring water over the insider corner where water first enters. If all the water clears the gutter, it is aligned correctly. If parts of the gutter leak or the water is left standing, try realigning your gutter track again. 

Gutter Leaks

Gutter leaks occur midway in the gutter or on the connecting joints. To fix leaky gutter joints, start with a clean slate. Clean the area for rust and buildup. Apply plastic roofing cement or a sealant over any tiny holes or cracks. Next, remove the portion of the leaky joint you want to repair. Inspect the pieces and determine if you can use them. Remove any excess glue or adhesives from the joint. For pvc and vinyl, you will need to replace the rubber gaskets that seal out water. Carefully apply a generous amount of silicone caulk around the edges of the joint and quickly reassemble. Use duct tape to hold the joint in place until it dries properly. 

These repairs are simple for homeowners. But if you are struggling to repair your gutter, or it is seriously damaged, you need to contact your local roofing company. Materials like copper, zinc, and steel may be harder to fix. Don’t wait for a torrential downpour to repair your gutters. The last thing anyone wants are leaks in your attic. If you live in Eastern North Carolina, call StaDry for any advice or repairs for your roofs and gutters.

*DIY projects are not guaranteed to be safe or effective. StaDry warns that DIY can be dangerous or result in the loss of money. We accept no responsibility for injury, death, or property loss resulting from these projects. We recommend having someone watch you as you climb up a ladder.


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