When hurricanes hit, our roof is usually the first thing to receive blows from the wind. When you add fallen trees and a torrential downpour, the odds are against your roof. While the likelihood of minimal damage is high during a hurricane, you can still protect your roof. Take precautions right now to ensure your roof can withstand the storm. Here is how you can prevent hurricane damage to your roof. 

Roof Inspection

If it has been more than five months since your last inspection, consider a roof inspection before the hurricane. You may be able to inspect your roof for the time being. Look for weak areas such as rotting or expanding beams. Make sure there are no leaks in your roof. Ceiling beams hold up your roof, and you must ensure their stability. Call a roofing company if you notice severe damage to your ceiling beams; make this a priority and call ASAP! Even checking your shingles for damage may prevent your roof from leaking. The last thing you want is your defenses to be lowered.

Roof Protection

Secure your roof from hurricane damage with straps and gables. These protect your roof from strong winds, and insurance companies may reward you for the extra protection. You can install hurricane straps and gables yourself or call a roofing company. Insurance companies give discounts to individuals for secondary water barriers. These usually require a roofing contractor for installation. You can purchase a secondary water barrier at The Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement stores.

Tree Removal

One of the most prominent factors of roofing damage is fallen trees. Even if your roof withstands the winds, a tree could come barreling down into your attic days after the winds have left. Get a tree removal company to visit your yard today. Even your favorite family Pine tree may be a threat to your home. You can request for the tree removal company to inspect the tree and determine which ones are a potential danger. Usually, they will be able to see which trees need to go. For taller, heavier trees, you may opt to remove them since one fall could be fatal. 

Faulty Power Lines

If you live in an older neighborhood, you may have powerlines vulnerable to hurricane winds. While you cannot decide whether or not to remove a power line, you need an escape plan in case a power line falls on your home. Call a power company if you notice the following: a bending or leaning powerline, large cracks in the powerline, excessive long-term wood rot on the powerline, a loose or fallen cable, or a powerline that appears to be swaying. If your family is inside and a powerline falls, do not leave your home unless there is a fire. Call 911.

Dependable Roofing Companies

Honest, dependable roofing companies will answer your questions regarding your roof. Roofing inspections will cost money, but a roofing company should be able to answer questions concerning the condition of your roof. StayDry Roofing gives free consultations to homeowners. If you suspect damage or need installation, give us a call. Please don’t rely on roofing storm chasers. See how we can meet your roofing needs.*

*Disclaimers: StaDry does not guarantee you or the safety of your home. We do not accept responsibility for any injuries or loss of life and property. You approach this advice at your own risk. Visit FEMA.gov for hurricane safety advice and fdacs.gov for more on powerline safety.