Once cracks start forming in your window panes, your troubles have just begun. The cost of fixing a broken window pane can exceed $280. For one window, that doesn’t sound like a lot. For all of your windows, that cost can be a pain. Don’t let your window panes turn bad. Here is how to prevent cracks from forming in your window panes. 

What Causes Cracks in Your Window Panes

The common causes of cracks in window panes are rapidly changing temperatures, an extreme difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, and incorrect window installation. Sometimes temperature changes are unexpected and not easy to prevent. You can lessen the effects that severe weather has on your window pane. Eliminating these factors is impossible. Dramatic climate changes are out of your control and have little influence over your window panes cracking. The most preventable factor in reducing window pane cracking is proper window installation. 

Proper Windowpane Installation

Ensuring proper installation of your windows ensures the longevity of your panes. There are two types of windowpane installations: new construction windows and remodeled windows. They both have different needs. New construction windows are measured and installed for the first time. These windows usually require professional installation. Thankfully, you can perform installations of remodeled windows without as much assistance. Proper installation prevents cracks in your windowpanes

Remodeled Window Installations

Manufacturers designed remodeled window installations to fit into preexisting frames. Before installing your window, measure the opening of the frame. Measure the following: the stop molding (this holds the window in place in the frame), frame width, and frame height. Note: New windows should be 3/4 inches smaller than the frame. Remove the window; remove old paint and caulk that block the stop molding. Fit and dry prep the window. Once you have applied the beads of caulk, you can install your window. For more in-depth details, visit The Home Depot’s DIY Window Installation*. Proceed with caution to prevent cracks in your windowpanes.

New Construction Window Installation 

New construction window installations refer to windows on a first-time constructed home. For the installation of new construction windows, you need a reliable team to install your windows. Improper installation can cause cracks throughout the window frame and the walls of your home. Starting at $280 per square foot and rising into the thousands for drywall repair, the damage to a window result in higher costs. Choosing the wrong company can result in cracks forming in your windowpanes.

Reliable Window Installation 

StaDry Roofing has years of experience installing windows into older and newer homes. If your construction project is missing windows, or if you don’t know how to install your own remodeled windows, we are here to help. Installing windows can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the process. A DIY may not prepare you for your home’s specific needs. If you find things are not lining up, contact  StayDry Roofing & Restoration for assistance. Finding the right company is one way how to prevent cracks from forming in your windowpanes.

*Disclaimer- All DIY projects are suggestions that homeowners must approach with caution. There is always a risk associated with DIY projects. StaDry does not promise your windows will turn out perfectly if you follow the recommended DIY. Approach suggestions at your own risk. StaDry accepts no legal or financial responsibility regarding this information provided. 

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