One of the hottest roofing trends currently hitting the housing industry is metal roofs. Metal roofs have gained notoriety in 2022 with low pricing, environmentally sound construction, and industrial style. Read on to see why metal roofs are so desirable in the housing industry. 

Unique Timeless Style

Whether you are updating a historic farmhouse, building an Industrial Modern creation, or desire that modern finish on your home, metal roofs offer a sleek, stylish, purposeful, and altogether balanced look to a variety of homes. Metal roofs can obtain a rustic look over time adding to the look of your home. Repurposed buildings that become homes blend wonderfully with metal roofs. Seamless style is not the only appealing factor to having metal roofs. Builders incorporate metal in the construction of a home to offer environmental benefits. 

Metal Roofing Has Environmental and Economic Benefits

Metal roofs are recyclable, making them a go-to for planet welfare and human health. Eleven million tons of asphalt shingles end up in our landfills each year. This reason alone should be motivation to start incorporating metal roofs into the construction of our homes. Energy usage is lowered with the use of metal roofing which prevents wasted electricity. Metal roofs reflect sunlight away from the building keeping your home cool. This energy-efficient method saves homeowners money and reduces waste. 


Homes with metal roofs stand a higher chance of withstanding snow, hail, storm, and heat. A metal roof can last up to 70 years without reparation. Homemade steel can last up to 100 years without renovations. We know there are structures over 100 years old; their maintenance and upkeep are easier to maintain when made of metal. Take a look at farmhouses, old warehouses, and skyscrapers; you will be amazed. 

Types of High-Quality Metal Roofing

The types of metal roofing vary but make sure you choose high-quality so you don’t waste your money. The ones below have withstood the test of time. 

  • Aluminum is probably our favorite. Hailed by construction companies and roofing artisans, this material can withstand heat, rain, or shine. It saves homeowners money in the long run and is highly reflective. This choice is the best value and does not compromise your health. Metal fabrications are combined and mixed with unknown materials and can be very iffy at times. 
  • Copper roofing is the most reliable, and it is a timeless choice that ages well. Don’t expect the color to stick around forever. The greenish hue you see after a decade will signify a classic piece that has withstood years as a roofing option. Energy-efficient and aesthetically appealing, coppers only downside is the high cost.
  • Zinc is an energy-efficient mineral that is a bit more affordable than copper. Still, the cost can be $600 to $900 depending on roofing squares. This self-healing roof can become corroded if not properly coated. On the upside, it is easy to repair and replace.
  • Stainless steel has that modern look and comes in a variety of shades. This material is known to come with warranties for most roofing companies. Its durability is why this material soars upwards of $1200 per square of roofing. If this cost is too high, inquire about finance plans. 

Your home is probably your biggest asset that you will carry over to future generations. Investing in your home long-term will yield you a valuable asset. Metal roofing saves on environmental waste and prevents spending tens of thousands of dollars in the future. If you live in Eastern, North Carolina consider Stadry as your next roofing company. We can help you install a metal roof on your home. 

Disclaimer- StaDry is not responsible for injury, loss of life, or loss of property, due to this article. Our advice does not guarantee any savings or safety. 


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