Heat waves are already underway as summer is here. If you live in a warm climate and want to save on energy bills or scalding rooftops, look at options for heat-resistant roofing materials. For first-time homebuilders, some materials help lessen the effects of heat. 

Save On Electrical Bills

Building with heat-resistant roofing materials saves you money on ac bills in the long run. It will also prevent the sweltering heat from melting your home. The last thing you want is roofing materials withering away atop your house. Here are some heat-resistant roofing materials. 

  • Metal Roofs are known for reflecting heat away from your roof. This economically efficient material lasts up to three times longer than traditional asphalt roofing. Metal roofing is also able to withstand fires. Talk about a lasting asset. 
  • Slate Roofs used to be too expensive for the average home-buyer. The first slate roofing was found around 1300 a.d. in Northern Wales. Builders used slate to construct castles and military structures. Today, slate is more affordable and can last up to 200 years, saving homeowners money in the long run. This frugal material is also environmentally friendly, so it compliments any landscape.
  • Clay Roofs are warm-colored and made from the heat for the heat. Clay pottery is baked at 1800 degrees to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit in a kiln to dry. Once it is dry and set, the sun’s mere 100-plus degrees Fahrenheit is no match for the clay tiles. Not only is this environmentally sound material durable, but it adds a beautiful accent to homes in the desert or the tropics. 
  • Rubber Roofs are the less expensive alternative to clay and slate roofing. It still costs more than asphalt but helps you save on your energy bill. It is resistant to heat and low maintenance since it sits pretty well. 
  • Green Roofs fit its name. Green roofs, also known as living roofs, are grassy green roofs. A waterproof barrier lies between the roof and the building. The soil and grass continue to live and grow as the roof absorbs sunlight. Not only is the living roof environmentally friendly, but it adds oxygen back into the environment. Grass roofs give homeowners and nature an irreplaceable asset. 

Homeowners curious about finding heat-resistant materials at an affordable price should give our team here at StaDry a call. Before investing money into your roof, ensure that the roofing materials complement the home and that you follow your local zoning laws. If you are concerned about choosing the best roofing materials, call an experienced roofing contractor. We offer a variety of roofing options. For roofing advice, call us at 8663618886. 

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