With fall around the corner, we put away our sprinklers and pull out our rakes. States like North Carolina falls have a cold, wet days; rainy days lead to a buildup of wet leaves in your gutters and roofs. Preparing for the weather ahead of the fall will help your home withstand rotting, wear, and tear. Here are fall preparation tips for your home. 

Roof Treatments and Home Inspections

Ensure that your roof tiles are up to date with treatments and repairs. If you have not had a roof inspection since the end of winter, you will want to call a roofing company to ensure that your roof can withstand the foul weather. Snags and tears from the summer storms can go unnoticed. Wooden tiles and certain metal tiles may need additional treatments to withstand rotting. A treated roof prevents leaks, rotting, and a rise in heating bills. Don’t leave your roof untreated.

Gutter Repair Preparation

Gutter repairs and inspections prevent buildup, rotting leaves, and mold from infiltrating the roof. Start by cleaning out your gutter of any debris or moss that summer storms may have left. If you notice loose screws or pieces, tighten or replace them immediately. Run a water test on your gutter to ensure no weaknesses in the track. Install leaf screens into your gutter system to keep those pesky leaves from clogging your system. Check your gutter system regularly to ensure there is no clogging or damage over the fall. 

P.S. You’ll want to pay close attention to your gutters before you get ready to hang your Christmas lights in a few more months.

Window and Doorway Inspections

Inspect your windows and doorways to ensure no leaks are in the seals. If the seals in your doors or windows are compromised, you can lose money on heating bills. Check for the leaks yourself. Note how often the heat or AC turns on to correct the temperature in your home. Your AC should turn on 2-3 times per hour with 10-15 minute cycles. A consistently running AC or heating unit indicates that there is a problem. If you feel the heat or AC near the vent, a simple leak is a likely culprit. However, if the temperature on the thermostat remains the same, call your local HVAC repair company. 

Clean your Fireplace and Chimney

Cleaning your fireplace and chimney allows you to prepare your fireplace for use. Birds love to nest in chimneys over the summer and spring. Most birds will fly away in preparation for the cold months, depending on when the cold sets into your area. If you have a live bird or eggs in your chimney, call your local wildlife organization (resources available on National Wildlife Refuge System | U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (fws.gov)) to ensure the safe removal of the animal. If empty, gently place the nest outside your home in a natural area, bush, or low-level tree. Wear gloves and remove any other debris in the chimney. Chimney fires become dangerous when debris catches on fire. Wet leaves and plants lead to rotting and rusting in the chimney. Eliminate these complications immediately by cleaning out your chimney stack and fireplace. 

Roofing Companies

Roof inspections, roof repair, and damaged gutters require the watchful eye of roofing contractors. For chimney damage, call foundation experts. Roofing companies like Stadry Roofing offer roof inspections, roof repairs, window repairs, and doorway repairs. If you own a home in Eastern North Carolina, give Stadry a call for all your roofing concerns.*

*This article offers advice based on the professional experience of Stadry and other home improvement outlets. Our advice concerning animal removal comes from North Carolina Wildlife Organization’s recommendations to protect wildlife. Please respect wildlife and protect yourself from injury. Stadry makes no guarantees of safety or property loss. Stadry claims no responsibility for injury, death, or property loss.

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